Inbound traffic and Search

Deliver structured data and set the key values for a solid search presence!
Extra title:
Still the most important value in SEO: a clean, keyword containing and fitting title. That makes up the blue link the search result pages (SERPs) and people are compelled to click on them ... or not!

Important and simple to use with us. We currently support settings for "Organization", "Product" and "NewsArticle". Set these values nicely and the search engines will love you for it. We will expand to support "Event" and "Job" as well. It makes a lot of sense to get your information structured this way and while the user can not see these settings (they are hidden behind the page), robots will eat and love it!

You may set this value to avoid duplicate content. If you are republishing content from your domain on our side: please use it - that points Google to the right source and keeps this real clean!

Google Search Console:
If you want to have your site card monitored with the new Google Search console: that is possible. Take a look at the help graphic in the configuration and set the values to get your subdomain registered and verified!

Google Analytics:
We are using ga-light. That registers a pageview in your Google Analytics account, if you like. For that we need the IDs and values indicated in the form. There is a help link for you!

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