Help and How-to

This page introduces you to the features on SMYLN and our "Configurator".
The "Configurator" consists of 3 areas:
  • palette VISUAL

    Set your headline and texts and define how your landing page looks. Choose if you include our sharing and rating tools.
    · Layout and Design
    · Links and Material

  • wb_cloudy SEARCH & BOTS

    Set your search engine relevant values, including a choice of JSON-LD definitions to help search engines to sort your page.
    · Filter Click Bots
    · Control Search Engines

  • touch_app TRAFFIC & ADS

    Include your own advertising and monetize your landing page. Start A/B Testing your traffic.
    · Ads with Google
    · Statistics

Once you have set the basic values, you can see the result on your own subdomain on, that we automatically create on a secure connection.

If your account is confirmed, the link will become public. If you have not confirmed your account yet, please request a new confirmation mail.

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