Design options

Details about our simple, but effective design options are following.
Our design options are limited, but effective:

Boxed or streched?
Depending on your style, you may use a streched image. Please note that the height is pretty limited and images should work on a resolution of 1,200x300 pixels. If you are not sure, you'd better use the boxed variant!

Video or Image?
If you want to promote your YouTube video: we can alternate the display to a YouTube URL. For that, you only need the ID of the video. We are working on supporting more sources, but for now it is YouTube only.

Button Color
For the "visit" button, we offer a selection of possible colors. Pick one of your choice.

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
Now the editor is a bit more powerful. It supports additional video sources and you have basic formatting and styling options. You may add more links, headlines and a nice text layout, if you want to.

Additional links can be included automatically.

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