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Simple and powerful: create your landing page. With your own statistics, your own ads and we make them so fast (including AMP version), that all you have to do is setting the right target, title and text!

Take a look at our latest entries:

Wine Wholesale from Europe
Wine Wholesale from Europe
They are specialists for trading wine - from wholesale to rare bottles. VERITABLE GROUPE arranges your cooperation with the most prestigious family wineries of Europe. With over 15 years of market experience veritable is your ideal partner for the ...

Shop for Home and ...
Shop for Home and Garden UK
UK wide shipping and daily special offers: Argos is your go-to brand for quality products. Home +amp; Garden: Products ranging from kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture to sheds. The goto source for DIY geeks when it comes to garden remodelling! ...

Create Web Performance Reports
Create Web Performance Reports
Create helpful performance report for your website. GTMetrix is testing your URL and creates a report on stuff you can do better (eg. caching or render blocking code) and gives you a good alternative view on your speed. We use ...

Medical bill debt collection
Medical bill debt collection
SWRS is helping doctors' offices and other heath care practices covered under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to increase their cashflow with their medical debt recovery service.+nbsp; A professional service that helps especially smaller doctors offices and ...

Potato Cat
Potato Cat
The funniest GIFs for sharing and of course an animated GIF creator for your social media needs. Giphy is our favourite for nonsense. Thank the Internet for potato cat! You thought it can not get weirder and along came ...

Startup and silicon valley ...
Startup and silicon valley news - the classic!
Techcrunch began in 2005 as a blog about dotcom start-ups in Silicon Valley and has brought us years with -Crunch report- which is now cancelled. Still one of the must-reads of the innovative technology scene and if we list the ...


Speeds up Load Time

Buffer your images, speed up connection time and consolidate social statistics for faster review. Also: change links afterwards and manage your link targets. Our link accelerator filters, compresses and improves your marketing activity! Automatically creates Google AMP pages!


More users

Pump up your social reach and intensify the urge to share. We add the leading sharing buttons via our partners and target locally. We filter out bots, protect your users and make the content mobile ready. A better you - all for the users! And it is easy!


Easy to work with

Protect, filter, A/B test, control and configure the link behaviour. All SEO-friendly with a useful set of features for the modern marketeer: schema options, alternative links, language filtering and monetization options, that will add some cash to your pockets!

Landing Pages and Conversion
Studies show that speed is the main factor for converting users into customers and that conversions go up tremendously if you are even just 100ms faster. No matter, if you do PPC (pay per click) advertising or use other targeting means to bring in the visitors - speed is an important weapon for optimization.

If you do not optimize your pages for organic traffic: our Google AMP automation will create accelerated mobile pages for you.

CTA and templates
Our "call to action" (CTA) is pretty simple on your new page, but that is for a reason. We have the best rates with clean and readable buttons, once the traffic reaches your pages. For your best results, we offer you to become the first part of your "funnel", no matter if you generate just another landing page for a campaign or if you just need a very fast mobile page.

Our templates try not to distract and lead your visitor right to your target. If you decide to expand the text below the CTA with additional purposes: fine!
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